As the main street of Taliesin, this offers sights for those nobles who are touring this magical city, employment, and a meeting place for those adventurers who are just starting out.

Places of Interest:

  • Passionate and Directionless - This is the adventurer's guild of Taliesin. It offers training, information, and employment to the young adventurer. Stop by here to get a quest, or fight the constructs of the basement to level yourself up.
  • Pottery Stable - The main source for any enterprising wizard for decorating thier home. It sells a variety of styles of home furnishings, as well as knick naks, paddywhacks, and magical enchantments to change one's drab tower, into a stylish palace, befitting one's wealth and influence. Ed: This will be where furniture deeds are sold
  • Rougish and Cornered - This very popular tavern and inn was the product of the infamous rouge Zelivend Vandrad, and while probably purchased with ill gotten gains has been quite legitimate since then. The #0000FF:SaintsOfCuthbert//web.archive.org/web/20060314175857/http://www.captaincursor.com/rpg/bin/edit/Taliesin/SaintsOfCuthbert?topicparent=Taliesin.AuberonsBoulevard|?] see to that. The tavern's rough image is all an act these days, used to attract starry eyed young kids seeking a life of adventure, and tourist nobles, who'd like to slum it, but are afraid of goblintown.
  • Temple of Pelor - While the people of Taliesin pride themselves of the fact that they are different from the rest of the continent, and most of them feel that divine magics are a bit old fashion. Even wizards cut a finger chopping components or get the sniffles and, being wizards, they don't like to be inconvienienced like that so the Temple of Pelor is quite popular. This is the main temple, one might call it "the money temple", where wounds are healed, scapes patched, and wizards, who didn't take the precautions they needed to when doing research on dragons, are brought back to life for a small donation of course. Ed: This is where one is returned after returning from the afterlife.
  • Urban Equiptment - This shop sells a variety of goods, from swords to healing potions to holy water to the latest fashions. An eclecctic mix to be sure, but this store manages to tie it all together with it's wry sense of humor, and it's ability to make the generally mundane equiptment it sells seem fantastical, just by giving it a funny name.