Welcome to Taliesin Neo!

Taliesin is a city ruled by mages, where magic is used for everyday purposes to keep the burgeoning metropolis going. Outside the grounds of Taliesin though, the use of magic falls off rapidly as one ventures into the primitive, barbarous, violent land. These forces are pressing in and could possibly snuff out the flame of magic.Within the city there are also forces at work. The Covenant of Taliesin was created to get the powerful wizards and other spell-casters to work together in harmony, but what it mainly serves to prevent the mages from killing each other over power or ideology. And there are quite a few powerful wizards that see themselves as lord of all magic.The Districts of Taliesin each have their own distinct character, and tend to appeal to different types of people. This can be a question of taste and disposition, the rich merchant mages of Hell's Kitchen wouldn't be caught dead with the bleeding hearts who build their temples in Heaven's Gate, while the residents of Goblin Town would dearly love to live anywhere else, if only they had the means. The different districts are technically open to all to travel through or live, the Mage Grounds being the only district that has true restrictions.

To join Tales of Taliesin you need to use direct connect in your Neverwinter Nights client. Connect to:

To reconnect to Nam, please use port 5123.


Please be aware that when you purchase NWN from GOG.com that it comes with a set of default keys. Even though the MasterServer is no longer operational, the NWN server software requires that all players connecting to it must have a unique set of keys. We have blocked the default keys to prevent issues. 

GOG will supply their customers with a unique set of keys suitable for multiplayer use. Please follow the instructions in the customer support article here.